Macedonian Tahini


100 % natural product that results from the grinding of hulled slightly toasted sesame seeds. It contains no chemicals, preservatives or additives.



Thick runny texture with a distinct aroma and a slight tannin flavor. High energy value due to sesame oil content.


In plastic buckets of 10Kg and 3Kg



Kept cool and in shade and according to the declared production date on packaging. During storage the sesame oil gets isolated on the surface of the tahini. This is a natural result. A good mix will bring it back to its original unified state as long as it has not come in contact with water or other liquids.

ATTENTION! During storage, there must be no contact with water or other liquids.



Tahini is a product greatly connected with traditional diet and fasting, with many applications in cooking and pastry.
Fatty and runny it can be experimented with to form different flavor.
It associates extremely well with different sweeteners such as honey, strong syrup or caramel. It can be heated packed in a pot of boiling water up to 60 degrees. Under normal temperatures it can not be combined with water or milk, while it burns when continuously exposed to high temperature. If we need to mix tahini with other liquids for immediate use we mix the tahini in the other liquid and not the other way around.

During baking the tahini must always be concealed within pastry or fillo pastry with close attention so that the outer surface is baked while the tahini stays warm and runny. Like this it can be applied as:

  • An ingredient in dough for breads, bakery or cakes.
  • For fasting ganach instead of cream in chocolate
  • In the freezer during the last production stage of tahini ice-cream.
  • As filling in pies
  • For an excellent mousse of egg-whites and hazelnut paste.
  • For coating on bakery products, cakes and muffins.

Useful information! When baked it gets a slightly darker color



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