Macedonian tahini is produced using exclusively selected varieties of sesame which are dehusked, baked and ground in a traditional way, in stone mills, without any chemicals, conservatives or other additives.

Retaining excellent conditions of hygiene and safety, HAITOGLOU BROS S.A. applies a quality system accredited by ELOT according to the ELOT ΕΝ ISO 9001 standard in the production of Macedonian Tahini in its modern facilities in Kalohori, Thessaloniki, packaging it in airtight glass jars.

    Macedonian Tahini

Package 300g and 450g

Macedonian Tahini is the perfect way to receive all the nutritional ingredients of sesame and helps the body to function at its best. Its unique combination of proteins, aminoacids, vitamins and trace elements, provides the body with power and energy. It prevents the accumulation of cholesterol, contributes in the conversion of fat to energy and maintains the good function of the liver and the nervous and digestive systems.

    Brown Macedonian Tahini

Package 300g and 450g

The absolute healthy choice for your daily diet. Put it into your diet and reward yourself with this valuable gift.

    Macedonian Tahini with honey

Package 350g and 500g

An excellent and tasteful combination of two flavors of high nutritional value that help you start your day full of energy.

Try Macedonian Tahini with honey on a slice of bread, toast, with breadsticks or cookies. Then your favourite breakfast will become your favourite afternoon snack too.

    Macedonian Tahini with fructose

Package 300g and 500g

Tahini and fructose, a unique combination offered by nature.

A nutritional suggestion for those who watch their diet and want a healthy and nutritious choice for a breakfast full of energy. Enjoy it as a spread on a slice of bread or toast.

    Macedonian Tahini with cocoa

Package 350g

Macedonian Tahini with cocoa is a new enjoyable and healthy eating daily habit. A delicious and highly nutritional paste which will delight people of all ages.

Free your imagination and try delightful combinations with Macedonian Tahini with Cocoa. Spread it on bread or toast for a tasty and healthy breakfast or fill crepes and croissants for a sweet afternoon snack.

Macedonian Tahini with Cocoa will satisfy your desire for something tasty, healthy and chocolaty!

    Macedonian Tahini with orange


Package 350g

An original, refreshing and especially savory idea, to be enjoyed at any time of the day, that is destined to become a new beloved treat for the whole family!

According to Yiannis Chrysos, Clinical Dietician and General Secretary of the Hellenic Nutrition Institute, tahini contains proteins of high biological value, while it is also rich in vitamin E and unique antioxidants, which contribute to the reduction of cholesterol, the regulation of blood pressure and the overall defensive and anti-aging fortification of the body.

The combination of tahini and orange creates a pleasant and refreshing taste, while vitamin C and calcium increase its nutritional value, thus rendering it a necessary supplement of our daily diet, as well as a new, beloved dietary treat.


    Tahini with probiotics


Package 400g

Tahini with probiotics contains fructo-oligosaccharides. W hen administered in adequate amounts they confer a health benefit on the host as it nourishes the intestinal flora. It is a product with low content in monosaccharides and saturated fat, but high in fiber, protein and probiotcs.

The beneficial properties of probiotics and specifically the substance of tahini ease problems such as: constipation, bloating, gas and digestive problems caused by illness, stress, medication use, poor diet and other aggravating factors.

The low levels in saturated fat and high levels in polyunsaturated fatty acid and protein makes it ideal for the daily diet of any age.

    Tahini with honey in portions

Package set 12x20g

Try Macedonian Tahini with honey on a slice of bread, toast, with breadsticks or cookies. Then your favourite breakfast will become your favourite afternoon snack too.

    Tahini with honey and breadsticks

Package set 12x35g

Tahini with honey in portions with breadsticks. A wonderful snack.

    Original sesame tahini of Thessaloniki "Haitoglou"
  Package 300g
  Package 900g
  Package 2kg
  Package 900g with honey
  Package 900g with cocoa
    Brown Tahini "Haitoglou"
  Package 900g
  Package 500g
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