Sesame bars


Sesame bar is an exceptionally nutritious food, as the combination of sesame and honey it contains, provides a series of ingredients which are necessary for the body's daily function. The unique nutritional value of sesame also gives sesame bar additional properties. Perhaps the most significant one is the antioxidants it contains, which are derived from the sesame's composition.

Sesame bar is a practical and quick choice, at home and outdoors, with particularly high nutritional value. There's nothing better for children at school, athletes before and after training, working people and anyone who wishes to enjoy a good nutrition!


Sesame snack


Package 30g, 50g and 100g

Sesame snack is distinguished among all the snacks for its flavor and also for its unique characteristics. Made of special selected sesame seeds, it is a healthy and delicious choice.


    Sesame snack (57% sesame)
  Package 30g
    Sesame crunch

Package 50g and 150g

Contains 67% sesame, and honey. It is an excellent tasty and enjoyable combination of those two favorite flavors of high nutritional value. It is the most wholesome and delicious way to start your day full of energy.

    Original sesame snack

Package 40g and 70g

A healthy and nutritious snack for all times and all ages! Contains 67% sesame, Its wonderful taste is completed by another product of nature, honey. It is produced naturally from the precious seed of sesame, without any chemicals and additives, and contains all the nutritional value of the seed.

    Sesame and almond bites with honey

Package 175g

Tasty sesame bites with honey and almonds.

    Candy nuts

Package 60g

  • Almond bar
  • Mixed nuts
  • Soft nougat with almonds.
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