Hulled sesame seeds 100 g


Renewed practical package 100 g for domestic use. It can be used on pies and cakes baked or lightly roasted and also try it in salads or sauces.

    Hulled sesame seeds semi roasted 250 g

A new pack of 250 g created for domestic use that gives you the possibility to use as it is, both in cooking and pastry. Excellent when used in pies, cookies, cakes, salads, sauces, etc.

    Hulled sesame 1kg (Seed origin SUDAN – ETHIOPIA)
  The best Sudanese and Ethiopian varieties. Hulled with mechanical means only, following the strictest quality and safety specifications. Sesame of supreme purity suitable for all uses. Enhances the taste and presentation of every culinary or confectionery creation.

Packaged in new modified atmosphere bag that protects and preserves its freshness and taste. Produced in our installations in Greece.


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