Sesame spread




Tight cream of tahini resulting from the mixture of freshly grained sesame seeds and sweeteners (sugar syrup and glucose).
Rich in vegetable fats +-33% resulting from the sesame oil in the tahini, with a velvety texture and a rich sesame aroma. The tannins of the tahini are weakened by the carbohydrates of the syrup allowing a very soft taste.
Quite sweet it can be used in its original state with no extra sweetener. Heavier than other creams, pralines and jams, it increases the weight of final products. Ideal to combine with dark chocolate 72%. It can be applied with a spatula or a piping bag.


Sesame spread presents a firm structure and unification in ambient temperatures. No breaking or crystallizing occurs in the freezer while there is softening and melting in low temperatures. It globs, caramelizes, darkens and burns in high temperatures.
While it greatly cooperates with melted chocolate and cream of animal or vegetable origin, it fails to blend with liquids (water and milk).
Reacts well in short baking when covered within pastry. Not suitable for longer baking.


In buckets of 12Kg


According to the declared instructions on packaging.



  • As filling in croissants and crepes.
  • For the making of tahini pies low on tannins.
  • As sweet paste with melted chocolate and dry nuts for the making of pralines and truffles.
  • As filling in wafers and biscuit cups
  • Once heated, it can be used as coating on cakes, muffins and bakery products.
  • As cream for fasting cakes with vegetable whipped-cream
  • As coating on cakes to attach dry nuts on surface
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