Sesame flour

    100% sesame flour

A product of high protein concentration (up to 49%) which is obtained from the oil extraction of sesame seeds, with a sesame oil content of 18-22%.


Paper bags of 10Kg and 25Kg



Fine flour of ivory color, with a distinct aroma and almost no gluten. Suitable as a flavor booster and not as a main ingredient. Any finished product gives out the aroma and flavor of sesame. It contains very high antioxidants properties because of the presence of natural sesame antioxidants –sesamol and sesamolina. Thanks to them the shelf life of finished products is prolonged.



According to the declared instructions on packaging, kept away of moisture.



For aromatizing our pastry, with a 7-9% mixture maximum.
When producing bread, bakery products and cookies.
Ideal for visible flour patterns on surfaces. Also ideal for crepes and pancakes
The fresher the final product the more distinct the aroma of sesame.

ATTENTION! The contribution percentage of the sesame flour should not exceed 9% as it will then leave a tiny bitter aftertaste



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