Sesame Oil


The Virgin Sesame Oil is an oil of high nutritional value and excellent taste. It can be used in cooking and confectionary. Use it in the following ways:

  • Raw in salads, since it reduces the bitter taste of green vegetables and its mild scent is greatly combined with white vegetables, offering the light flavor of sesame.
  • To marinade white meat (chicken, pork) or shellfish (shrimps, scampi, lobster, crabs).
  • In pastry and confectionary creations where you also use dried fruits, since it offers the pleasant taste of sesame and reinforces the scents of the other materials.
  • Finally, it is worthy trying it in frying, since it has unique resistance, it does not burn or smoke and gives the fried product a crunchy feel and unique scent.


Fry in the traditional way in a pan and use a small quantity of sesame oil. The surface of the food you're frying should not be covered by the oil and should be as dry (no water) as possible (particularly potatoes) in order to avoid fizzling.



Sesame oil

  Package 250 ml and 500 ml

Package Pet 1 lt

  Package tin 5 lt
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