Virgin sesame oil


A pioneer once again, Haitoglou Bros presents to the Greek market the Virgin Sesame Oil. With respect to the high nutritional value of this product, the company invests in new production equipment introducing a new innovative line for the production of sesame oil.
Contrary to the global production methods, in order to isolate the oil, Haitoglou Bros uses as raw ingredient not the sesame seeds but the Macedonian tahini. Using a cold method and no exposure to high temperature, and without the use of any additives the product maintains all its nutritional values.


Virgin Sesame Oil with 0.1 – 0.5% acidity.
Organic Sesame Oil


Lithographed Tins of 5Lt


With a golden yellow color, “sweetie” flavor, unique clarity and aroma and a distinct density. It holds up to 350 degrees before starting to burn and smoke. It adds a flavor of roasted nuts to any product it is used in.
Because of its density, it does not get absorbed allowing up to 20% saving, and gives excellent dry and crispy results. Sesame oil is not getting rancid and therefore offers a very delicate flavor. When used for frying it gives a beautiful red color. It does not crystallize in the freezer.


Kept cool and dry, avoiding sun and high temperature exposure.


Can be used in all areas like olive oil or any other vegetable oil. Appropriate during fasting periods.
In cookies, pies, pastry and bakery. In creams and chocolate for coating, in frying of dry pastry or medium moist pastry (donates)

ATTENTION! Minimize surface moisture during frying to avoid foaming.



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