Halva recipes


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  • 300 gr. of Macedonian Halva (vanilla flavor)
  • 100 gr. of chopped walnuts
  • 2 lt . of vanilla ice-cream

For the caramel

  • 500 gr. of sugar
  • 500 gr. of cream


Place in deep freeze an empty 3 lt metallic container.

In a small pan with a little water boil the sugar till it turns to syrup and gets a gold-brown color. Then pour the cream and mix to have a thick syrup. Let the mixture to cool down.

Cut 300 gr. of the Macedonian vanilla Halva in dices and 100 gr. walnuts. Remove from the deep freeze the container and the 2 lt vanilla ice cream. Using an ice cream scoop and with quick movements, transfer an ice cream layer at the frozen empty container and throw in halva, walnuts and caramel. Repeat this procedure till all the ingredients are finished and place the ice cream again in the deep freeze. It can be served when it is frozen.


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