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  • 250 gr Macedonian Halva (vanilla flavor)
  • 80 gr fresh butter


  • U nsalted scrap from two lime lemons and 10 gr. of ground green pepper
  • Peel of a tangerine scorched & sliced and 30 gr of browned almond flakes
  • 30 gr. of grated coconut
  • 80 gr. of melted dark chocolate, 40 gr. of chopped walnut and 30 gr. of truffle


Mix all the ingredients in the mixer. Roll the past in a membrane and place it in the refrigerator. One hour later, make small balls of a diameter of 1.5 cm approximately and roll them inside one of the above flavors.

Serving tip: Stick the balls in a rosemary branch (like a skewer), leaving space on the top of the branch.


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